Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Hanging Upcycled Strawberry Planter

Drawing inspiration from a strawberry topsy turvy I decided to craft one of my own. Its basically a plastic bag cylinder. Besides... Its $10 + shipping. And I'm rather fond of my money.

And upcycling.

So I ironed about 8 plastic bags together (how to iron together plastic bags)and sewed it all up on my sewing machine. My mom saved 3 strawberry plants for me from her surplus, so I cut 3 asterisk shapes in the front (evenly spaced).

Then I popped the plants in the holes and filled it with (my mom's) dirt.

I hung it on my car's laundry hook and took it home.

Doesn't it look happy on my front porch? My neighbors across the way paid for theirs. If only they knew how to fuse plastic.


Notice how on every strawberry topsy turvy you see the strawberry plants at the bottom are runty? The plants on the top (where the fertilizer and water are deposited) are hoggin' all the food!

My solution? Cut two small snips in the back, poking a funnel in there for water and pushing in fertilizer from time to time.

Opps, there's my neighbor... Another tip: don't water your neighbors.


  1. This is flippin' awesome! I just read the article about fusing bags and I've been wanting to try it. I have a friend that I think will love your blog.

  2. Thanks! You can also cut bags into strips and crochet/knit them into bags.

    I've seen some crafty ladies whip up crocheted plastic bag sleeping mats and donate them to homeless shelters. I'm sure they'd be good for camping, too.

  3. I've tried making the strips into yarn before but lost interest pretty quickly. lol. I haven't seen the mats before, just rugs and bags. I was trying to think of other uses for them too.

    The fused bags I think I'm going to try using as liners for some of the bags I crochet.